Go ice skating

Ice skating is the perfect excuse to accidently grab her hand as you lose balance on the ice. Or become her hero when you save her from a fall.

Go rockclimbing

The Quarry is a popular indoor rockclimbing facility in Provo. Just the two of you can go, or you can bring a group.


Get cheap rates for rentals at BYU Outdoors.

Hike at sunrise

Get up early and hike to the top of a mountain to watch the sunrise from an incredible view.

Train for a run together

Sign up for a race that is coming up, and train together. Working towards a goal together will make your relationship stronger. Find local races online.

Try Zumba

Combine exercise and dancing and have a blast.

Hike the Y

Hiking the Y is a BYU tradition. Make sure to wear good shoes and bring water.

Rent a tandem bike

Go for a ride with your sweetheart. Rent one from BYU Outdoors for $7 per hour or $25 for the day.