Dating Diary: Jake

One time I went on a four-wheeler date with a girl from my ward, and she’d never been before. She was driving and we were going up a hill when the four-wheeler stopped. I was sitting behind her and I told her to rev the engine really slightly to get us over, but she accidentally gunned it and I fell off the back. She braked to keep from doing a wheelie, but when she did the four-wheeler started rolling backwards and almost ran over me. It was actually one of the most fun dates, even though it was almost tragic.

Dating Diary: Mandy

My first date of sophomore year was a wreck. He forgot his wallet, and when we went to his house to get it he was lingering there and told me he wanted to teach me how to tie a tie. We’d barely met, so I was really uncomfortable when he insisted on teaching me by tying it around my neck. When we finally left to go get yogurt his roommate met us there and they just talked to each other. As my date and I drove off to go home, I noticed he was headed up the canyon. He said he just wanted to show me the “scenic way” as we approached Squaw Peak, but I told him I needed to get back so we turned around. When he dropped me off he asked how I felt about being a conservative governor’s wife, since he’s going to be a governor one day. I told him I was a democrat.

— Mandy

Dating Diary: Carolina

I went on a date to an aquarium with a guy I barely knew, and from the way he made it sound I thought it was just going to be us. But he picked me up in a minivan…along with his entire family. At the aquarium you could stick your hand in the water to pet the wildlife, but I didn’t want to because I was wearing a dry clean-only jacket. He grabbed my hand and forced it into the water anyway. When we got home I was locked out and he tried to make me come home with his family. It was the longest, worst date ever.