Dating While Engaged

Keep fun in the relationship while planning a wedding.

» Plan an actual activity. This doesn’t need to be an extravagant event. Sometimes all you need is a Redbox and a bowl of popcorn to take your mind off the many tasks you have ahead.
» Don’t always talk about the wedding. Forget about the venue you are trying to book, how expensive the flowers are and if your in-laws are going to accept you or not. Take time away from planning and focus on something less stressful.
» Include other couples or friends. Often you can get so consumed in wedding planning you forget about your other friends and the outside world altogether. Plan a group date or activity with your fiance and friends you haven’t really seen in awhile.
» If you have wedding-related tasks to do, make them something both of you can enjoy. Try turning the task into a mini-date like going to dinner or seeing a movie after.
» Being engaged doesn’t mean there isn’t room for fun in your relationship; actually it’s quite the opposite. Just remember to push the stress aside and have some fun, couple time.

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