You just kissed the guy of your dreams and can’t wait to get home so you can tell your roommates all about it. You shell out the details as fast as you can, but they keep grilling you to tell them more.
Most people like to talk about how their relationships are progressing. Sometimes talking through things with someone else helps you figure out what you want and know how to advance, but other times your words will just become the week’s gossip. It’s important to analyze the specific reason why you tell what you tell.
For example, if you’re only telling your friends to brag, you probably need to keep your experience to yourself. Sharing because you’re excited is a little more reasonable, especially if you keep the more intimate details to yourself.
It’s also important to consider what kind of person you’re confiding in. There are friends who keep your words totally private, others who share some uncompromising details and yet others that blab every word you tell them.
The most important lesson you can learn about sharing the intimate details of your life is to be aware. Know  how far you want things to travel, consider who you’re telling and know your reason for sharing what you do before you open your mouth.

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