Going Out on a Limb…For a Kiss

It’s happening: you’re dating that special guy or girl who has occupied your thoughts and they’re giving you the look.
The Look
Eye contact that is playful, flirtatious and occasionally punctuated by subtle glances at the lips.
Once you two start exchanging the look, move in a little closer. The proximity is subtle – don’t rush it and don’t invade his or her space. Get close but leave them wanting more.
The Proximity
If you’re sitting, gradually shift into the other person and angle your shoulders to them as you talk. If you’re standing, step a little closer than you normally would and look into their face during the conversation.
While this cue isn’t required, some people feel more comfortable going in for the kiss after seeing how their date would feel about it. Steer the conversation away from last night’s NBA game and drop the hint about what’s on your mind.
The Hint
Whether it’s asking about your date’s first kiss or joking about kissing in general, this will tell him or her what you’re thinking about.
You don’t have to talk about kissing before it happens though – there are physical cues to show your date that you’re feeling it.
The Lingering Hug
If the goodbye hug leaves you wanting more, don’t let go: gaze up/down into your date’s face and if they smile or give you the look, that’s your cue to go for it!
The Giggles A woman tends to giggle around the guy she’s interested in to boost his confidence. If she seems to laugh a lot around you, it’s generally safe to say she’s enjoying her time with you and might be receptive to your affection.
The 90/10 If he or she leans in (most of the time it’s generally not the full “90 percent,” but definitely over “ 50”), it’s up to you to close the distance a nd make the kiss happen.

If someone is giving you the look and you don’t feel the same way
You Don’t Want to Kiss
Whether your date is giving you the look or already leaning in, there are ways to avoid a kiss if you’re not feeling it. It’s OK to not want to kiss someone. Try to be kind when you reject his or her advances.
Be Honest from the Get Go
If you know from the start that you don’t want to kiss your date, don’t lead them on with flirty body language. “I feel like there are ways to avoid being kissed if you don’t want it,” said Savanna Rush, a freshman studying exercise science. “Keep your distance from the beginning.”
Start Talking
If a lull in the conversation occurs and it looks like your date is moving in for a kiss, start talking before they get too close. “If the guy (or girl) comes in for it and you don’t want it, back up or start talking to distract them,” said Heather Hansen, a recent graduate of the School of Family Life.
Move Away
If your date seems intent on kissing you and doesn’t pick up on your subtle clues that you don’t feel the same way, be more obvious with your body language. “If you don’t want a guy to kiss you, put your head down and pull away,” said Taylor Turley, a freshman studying health science.

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