Stop Trying to Fix Him

Women have a habit of wanting to fix the men in their lives. Women do not have the right to fix men. Women need to stop.
“I tried changing a guy because there were things about him that I wished were different,” said Jessica Albert, a sophomore from Oregon. “If I wanted to keep being interested in him. I needed him to change.”
A person will only change when they want to, though some encouragement can help.
“It is OK to want to help a guy be their best, but you cannot force the guy to change,” said Tatinana Hernandez, a junior from Provo. “It is better to be a good influence in his life. If he becomes resistant, you need to back off.”
That’s the thing: the call for change comes from the love interest, not the person in question. For a change to be effective, the guy has to choose to change himself.
Even if a woman has good intentions and she really cares about the guy, she shouldn’t try to change him. No one is perfect. Every man is going to have quirks about him that bother the woman interested in him. A woman needs to learn to love every part of him.
When a woman tries to make a guy into the person she wants him to be, most likely he is not going to change. This will lead to disappointment and frustration.
“When a girl has tried to change me, obviously I failed. Because she is not with me now,” said Kevin Kofford, an engineering major from Colorado.
If a woman finds herself wanting to fix a major problem about a guy, he may not be the right man for her. If things end because there is something he really needs to work on, it is OK. A woman shouldn’t be trying to make the man she wants, she needs to go out and find him.
Women shouldn’t become too picky because there is no perfect guy, just like women are not perfect. With some encouragement from each other, two people can learn to help bring out the best in one another.

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