The 6 B s of Car-less Dating

The 6 B s of Car-less Dating


Ride a bike to her house, put her on your handlebars and you’re off! Or you could ask if she has a bike. That works too.


Ask a friend for a car. Make sure to reimburse him for the gas.


Bimsheeing is a good option, but a five-mile walk might change the smell of her perfume.


Some guys can’t afford cars because they are paying for college, but start saving money now so you can buy one in the future.


Flash back to the ’90s and take her on a rollerblading date. Soon every girl will want a chance to go out with the Provo “blader dater.”


Ask the girl if she is willing to drive. “I don’t mind. He can still open the door for me” said Jamie Baumgartner, a junior from Littleton, Colorado.

Matthew Smith

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