Don't Lose Yourself in a Relationship


So, you’ve found a new love interest. They are smart, funny, adventurous and everything you could possibly want in a significant other. You probably want to spend every moment together. However, slow down and take a minute to realize that although this new relationship is new and exciting, maintaining your sense of individuality is important while dating. Here are some ways to enjoy your budding relationship while still maintaining your personal identity:


  1. Find things you have in common and pursue those interests together. Finding common interests can be a great relationship builder. It’s fun to talk about something you both enjoy.
  2. Spend time with friends without your significant other. Keep those relationships intact! Having support outside of your relationship can help with maintaining your individual identity.
  3. Spend time together talking and getting to know your significant other. The beginning of the relationship is the time to really get to know one another, and this should definitely be a priority.
  4. Learn how to compromise. Being able to sacrifice a bit of what you want can help you become a better person.


  1. Abandon your personal hobbies or interests, even when your significant other doesn’t particularly like them. It’s good for you to pursue individual goals, projects and hobbies. Those things probably contribute a lot to your overall happiness. Stopping them completely could lead to stress or feelings of resentment in your relationship.
  2. Isolate yourself from all your other friends and family members. Just because you have a desire to spend all of your time with your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t mean you should. Ignoring other relationships can be harmful to your individuality, and you could lose friends in the long run.
  3. Only talk about your relationship. This can hurt you more than it can help you. Your friends probably want to know how your new relationship is going but talking about it for more than 10 minutes can be draining for anyone.
  4. Don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself. Let yourself and your opinions be heard even if your significant other disagrees.

   -Taryn Royall

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