7 Reasons Not to Date a Banana

7 Reasons Not to Date a Banana


Bananas Go Rotten
Nobody is perfect, but someone who doesn’t respect you should be tossed in the trash.


Bananas Change Their Colors
When you’re love interest acts differently around other people, how can you be sure you know their true self?


Bananas Can’t Hold Hands
Holding hands is a great way to show affection to someone you care about, and a banana only offers a limp peel.


Bananas Are Slippery
Whether they won’t commit or they like to trip you up, these shady characters won’t help you keep both feet on the ground.


Bananas Have a Bunch of Baggage
Emotional trauma needs to be dealt with before beginning a new relationship, but a banana pretends its fine when it’s not.


Bananas Bruise Easily
A banana gets offended at jokes on the back of a candy wrapper and can’t take a little teasing.


Bananas Get Mushy Too Fast 
Sharing your emotions makes your relationship stronger, but coming on too strong too soon may frighten your partner.

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