Being present on a date

Being present  on a date

Being present both mentally and physically on a date can be a struggle for some. Whether he can’t stop talking about his high school glory days or she’s stuck on Instagram, being present can determine if there will be a second date.

▶▶“She was really bad at talking but good at texting,” said Sam Millar, 18, of Fresno, Calif., when referring to a girl he took out who struggled in face-to-face conversations but could chat away with her thumbs. Avoid awkward situations by engaging socially.

▶▶ “Engage in a conversation. If you’re mentally present, focus on them. It’s easy to stop thinking about yourself if you’re talking about them,” said Kylie Martinez, a 22-year-old human development major who was married in December 2012.

▶▶ “Be open to having a good time,” said Ray Millar, who is studying computer science. “Be laid back.”

Talk and focus on enjoying your time together and there’s a good chance it’ll lead to more dates in the future.

— Joshua Jamias

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