Cruising Control

Cruising Control

Your car is a big part of the image you give off to your date. Here’s a few quick tips to ensure a smooth rather than bumpy ride.

If your car is dusty enough that someone can write a message in it, that’s the hint to run it through a car wash.

Your car doesn’t need to look like you just bought it, but it should show you put effort into keeping it nice. Wipe your drink holders, dust the dashboard and clean doors and armrests (especially hers).

While your nose may be immune to the week-old gym clothes stuffed underneath your seat, your date doesn’t need that up-close introduction. Cover your tracks with a masculine-scented air freshener like black ice or sandalwood.

Rocking out to screamo is totally acceptable when on your own, but when your date steps into the vehicle, switch to something a little more conversation friendly. Consult playlists on pages 10, 14, 20, 24 and 26 for inspiration.

Don’t assume she wants the windows down. Girls spend a lot of time making it look like they didn’t spend that much time getting ready. Respect this by asking before you roll the windows down.

When you’re on a date, you probably want it to be just you two. Leave the odd Costco boxes, McDonalds bags and empty Gatorade bottles in the recycling to avoid a potentially stinky third wheel.

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