Dating Diaries

Dating Diaries

I was home for the summer when a guy I dated in high school asked me on a date to go mini golfing. He seemed excited to see me at first, but the whole time we golfed, he was completely absorbed in his phone. After golfing, he suggested we go to a drive-in burger joint, and I agreed since I was hungry. When we got there, though, he asked to make a “really quick” phone call right as we were ordering our food. I mentioned I thought it was rude he spent the whole night on his phone, but he insisted it was really important and walked up the street for privacy, leaving me to pay for my own milkshake and wait for him to finish his conversation.

Forty-five minutes later, he walks back up the street to the burger joint smiling to tell me he just got back together with his ex-girlfriend and really appreciated that I let him take that call. We drove in complete silence the entire hour home and haven’t spoken since.
— Haley
Fairfield, California


Two guys from my ward came to the door and asked my roommate and me out. We agreed, but when they picked us up we realized we didn’t know who was actually on a date with who.
We spent most of the night trying to figure it out, but were never really sure. I think we guessed right, but who knows.
— Sarah
San Diego, California


I drove an hour to pick up a girl, and when I got to the door I realized I had locked both my keys and my phone in my car. Her mom told my date to go pick up her stepdad, who was a cop, leaving me there with her mom and little brother. I sat there with them for an hour and a half waiting for her to get back before we could finally go on our date.
— Adam
Cleveland, Ohio


This guy asked me on a date once that began with making dinner at his house. It would have been totally fine, except the food turned out super gross, and he made such a huge mess that I spent half the date just cleaning his kitchen tile.

After dinner, he said we were going to explore some caves. I was kind of excited, until he decided we should go knocking from door to door to find people to go with us. When we finally headed to the caves, it turned out he didn’t actually know how to get there. We drove for hours until we eventually found them, only to have his car get stuck on the road.

We eventually got back to his apartment, and he wanted us to play some games with his roommates. I made up an excuse to go home and never went out with him again.
— Hannah
Washington, D.C.


I went to have a DTR with this guy, and we decided to grab some food and then go on a walk and talk. As we were walking, I had my hands in my coat pockets and he slipped his hand inside to pull mine out and hold hands. Unfortunately, the DTR was going to be a no from me, and he thought it was going to be a yes. I asked him what he was doing and he replied, “Holding your hand.” I just panicked and let him do it. The DTR after was terrible.
— Brittney
Pleasant Grove, Utah


I had just started dating this girl who lived a few hours away, and she came down to visit for the weekend. We were sitting there eating corndogs for lunch, and I reached over to kiss her hand without looking. Unfortunately, I ended up kissing the corndog instead of her.
— Taft
Pleasant Grove, Utah


I took this girl to Velour once, for a first date. I had just gotten home from my mission, and was still pretty awkward. At the concert she started squeezing my hand out of the blue, and then just turns and lays a big kiss on me.

It was terrifying. We never went out again.
— Ross
American Fork, Utah


There was a guy I knew in high school who asked me out after we both came to BYU. He picked me up and took me to a local burrito place. I got a full burrito and had eaten about three quarters of it when he commented, “well, as long as you go to the gym.”

He kept dissing me the whole night, telling me he didn’t like how my hair was done or how I did my makeup. I asked him if he thought he was being funny and told him off for being rude, saying that if he wanted to keep acting like that he should take me home. He apologized, so we continued the date.

We went to a movie after dinner, and when we were walking in, I paused for a second in front of the door, thinking he was going to open it for me. He looked at me and said, “Wow, what has society done to you that makes you feel so weak that you can’t open your door for yourself?” During the movie he even had the nerve to try to hold my hand. We left the movie and I made him take me home.
— Lydia
Alpine, Utah

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