Dating Diaries: It's All Downhill from Here

Dating Diaries: It's All Downhill from Here

There are dating stories out there that make us sigh and fill our hearts with movie-like romance. And then there are dates that are so epically bad that you can’t help but laugh from the pain and amusement.

“A girl I kind of knew asked me out of the blue. She wanted to go to Taste on Center Street, which is an upscale and expensive chocolate tasting place. When we got there, she ordered a bunch of expensive foods, and then expected me to pay for it. I know that guys traditionally pay for dates, but I figured that since she asked me out, that she would pay. I told her, ‘I’m not your sugar-daddy; I’m just a poor college student.’ I mean, we’re still friends, so that’s good.”

-Hayden, civil engineering

“For our first date, we went hiking up in Slate Canyon. I’m not a good hiker at all, so I was kind of nervous. It was a double date, which was good, but it was also snowing at the same time, which wasn’t great. The guys decided that we were going to hike off the path, claiming that there was a path there, but there clearly wasn’t. We were basically scaling the side of the mountain without any help. We didn’t go on a date again because he started dating my roommate, instead.”

-Lauren, advertising

“I had my first girlfriend when I was a junior in high school, and when we broke up it was really awkward. But then when I went to BYU for school. I get there like, Wednesday night before all of the stuff starts happening. As I’m there, there’s the Heritage party going on for the freshmen, and I don’t go – Instead, I just end up hanging out in my apartment. Later, my roommate comes by, and he’s got two girls with him. And we all introduce ourselves, and one of the girls hears my name and says, ‘I know you.’ I say, ‘Why is that?’ She says, ‘I’m your ex-girlfriend’s best friend.’ So, that was just kind of left-field.”

-Emric, undeclared

“A guy in my YSA ward asked me out to go to the Christkindlmarkt, which I was actually looking forward to. I thought he was cute, so I was excited. I found out quickly that he constantly wore a satchel but didn’t have anything in it. He played horrible jazz music in the car and made poor conversation. At one point, he asked me some pretty controversial religious questions to which I was unsure how to answer. We had an awkward relationship for the rest of the year.”

-Jaylee, art history

“So my first date home from my mission, I was just still in full missionary mode. So, like, at the end of the date I tried to hold a companionship inventory with the girl. And she didn’t like that. I was just trying to see where she was in life and things like that. Like, it wasn’t even romantically intended – it was just, you know, ‘are you reading your scriptures?’ and stuff like that, and it came out super preachy. And so obviously, I never went on a date with that girl. That was pretty bad. I was just like, in such a missionary mode I wanted to make sure everyone that was here was living the gospel. And so yeah, that was a learning experience.”

-Nathan, business strategy

“The first date I ever went on was a disaster. A guy asked me out but told me he was in love with one of my friends. He told me that we were going bowling with a group of our friends and picked me up in his dad’s Corvette. When we got to the bowling alley, he started hanging out with my friend, the one he was in love with, instead of me. I started talking to my friend’s date instead. We basically switched dates, in the middle of a date. It was very odd.”

-Mikenna, political science

“It was a girl who really wanted to go out with me for a while, so she asked me to a dance. She planned out the date and everything. I thought there was going to be a group, that it wasn’t just going to be the two of us – but it turns out it was just going to be a me and her all day, up until the dance. The first thing we did was go to the skating rink, which I think she really enjoyed, since she was a good skater – but I was terrible! She was just doing circles around the rink, and I was just literally standing in the middle with my arms outstretched, trying not to fall. We did that for hours. It was very boring, but I knew she really put a lot of time and effort into this, so I didn’t say anything.”

-Matthew, undeclared

“My FHE group dared me to use Tinder. I was not looking for anyone to date, since I was planning on leaving on a mission in the upcoming months. Within moments of me getting on the app, someone matched with me. He messaged me immediately after, but I didn’t respond for a few minutes. He started getting really aggravated that I wouldn’t respond. When I eventually did respond, he asked me to go on a date. I declined and he got really angry. He kept texting me and I didn’t respond. A few weeks later, I was in the Cougareat and I saw him by complete coincidence. He told me he still wanted to go out, and that he had the feeling he’d see me today. He told me that he prayed and got the answer that I was supposed to be his wife, even though we hadn’t actually ever met before this moment. I left really quickly after that. Fast forward to when I got off my mission, I checked Tinder again, and he had texted me every single week that I was gone. Suffice to say, I never texted him back.”

-Madeline, music performance

“So I went out on a date out in Eagle Mountain with a girl that’s from out there. Her family had a Razor side by side. So we’re just off-roading on some trails out there in Eagle Mountain on the Razor. One of the other girls in our group was driving, and we hit a soft patch of dirt, going super fast – and we rolled it, actually! We rolled probably, like, three or four times and ended up busting the axle of the Razor. So, we needed to call her dad and get him to come out with a trailer, and we loaded up and went back. So that was pretty crazy. Nobody was hurt, which was super good.”

-Kawika, biology

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