Dating Diaries

Dating Diaries



“I met this girl, and I thought she was super cute and fun, but also sassy, which I like. We went on our first date and had a really good time. We fake argued about which Utah soda shop was better: Sodalicious or Swig. That gave me the perfect idea for our second date – we would get the same drink at both places and do a blind taste test to see which one really was better.

I picked her up for the date, and I could tell from the beginning she was crazy grouchy. She started criticizing everything I was doing, from my driving to the time of the date to where I parked.

We went to Swig, her favorite, first, and ordered. She was just as critical while we were ordering, leaving me feeling like maybe a second date wasn’t the best idea after all. We went to Sodalicious next, and when we parked, she said, ‘I don’t want anything from here.’ I asked her if she wanted to come in with me, so we could sit and talk, but she replied, ‘I just want to stay here in the car.’ I awkwardly just had to leave her there to go get my drink.

When I got back into the car, I offered her some of my drink, so we could at least kind of do a taste test, and she flat out refused. I just wanted the date to be over, so I started taking her home, with her still criticizing everything I did the whole drive. I guess she didn’t realize I was taking her home, so when we got there she was super surprised, and I just had to awkwardly come up with an excuse for the date ending so quickly. She texted me after the date asking me, ‘was that super awkward, or was that just me reading into things?’”

   –Spencer, from Woodland Hills, Utah

“We were in New York City, and she really wanted to go to this super fancy Brazilian steakhouse. We were seated after a long wait, got to our table, opened the menu and were shocked at the crazy prices. Literally everything was over $100. She looked at me, and I looked at her, and we immediately decided to just leave. We started to walk out, but while we were going up a flight of stairs I tripped and fell flat on my face, right in front of a group of very well-dressed businessmen. Everyone started staring at us, and we both felt so out of place and uncomfortable. We got outside, and it started pouring rain. We ended up taking shelter in a random pizza place down the street, which had the worst pizza I’ve ever had in my life.”

   –Juwan, From Connecticut

“I once took a girl on a first date, and we just made a bonfire and hung out for a little bit. We wanted to get food afterwards, but I had no money, so we went to Little Caesars and got the garbage pizza that they throw out when they close. I thought she was cool with it, but afterwards her friends talked to me and said she hated it and thought it was terrible.”

   -Berkeley, From St. George, Utah

“I matched with this guy on Tinder but never responded when he messaged me. Later, I ran into him country swing dancing, and he approached me and convinced me to go out with him the next day. He picked me up after he got off work, but didn’t change or shower. He worked on a ranch so he smelled terrible and was super dirty. We got hot chocolate from a nearby gas station, and he asked if I wanted to watch a movie. I didn’t, but I felt bad so I said yes. We went to the common area of my apartment complex, and I sent my roommates an SOS text to come watch the movie with us. Two of them came down and we sat down to watch ‘Hot Rod.’ He kept trying to cuddle up to me, hold my hand or just put his arm around me, but he smelled so bad, I really just wasn’t interested. I kept trying to have my body language be as stand-offish as possible, with my arms and legs crossed, staring straight ahead, but he wasn’t picking up on it. After the movie ended, he convinced me to walk him to his car. The whole way there he kept trying to get me to kiss him, even saying, ‘it was my birthday the other day, shouldn’t you give me a birthday kiss?’ I responded that it wasn’t his birthday today, so no. I got out of there as fast as possible and ignored all of his follow up texts and never talked to him again.”

    -Amanda, From California

“This guy texted me conference weekend and asked if I wanted to go for lunch between that day’s sessions. I said sure, and then he didn’t follow up with any times or what the plan was. He texted me at 12:30 and said that we were actually going to watch conference, instead of going for lunch. He didn’t say if we were actually going to Salt Lake, or if we were just watching it at someone’s house, so I finally just had to call him to ask what the plan was. He said we were going to the Conference Center and he would be there to pick me up soon. He was late picking me up, and then his friend and his friends date were late too. While we were waiting for his friend, I asked him where he had gotten the conference tickets. His reply was that he didn’t have tickets, and that we were going to ‘faith ticket,’ aka hope that we could find someone giving away their tickets. We got there super late and had to park really far away. I was wearing heels that are terrible for walking in and got really bad blisters. We didn’t even end up getting tickets. We watched the session in the tabernacle, where he slept through the entire thing.”

    -Tiani, From Texas

“This guy asked me on a date, but he couldn’t drive so I had to go pick him up, 30 minutes away. We drove another 30 minutes to where he wanted to take me, and he talked about how much he wanted to marry me the whole way there. This was a first date. We get to the bowling alley/arcade he wanted to go to, but when he went to use his debit card, he couldn’t remember the PIN. I didn’t bring my purse, so I couldn’t help pay for anything. He decided that ‘we could find something else to do,’ so we drove around for three hours looking for something free to occupy our time. We ended up on a park bench sitting in silence for half an hour. I finally said I needed to go home just so we could leave. Before we got to the car he went to kiss me but I managed to dodge it. The rest of the way home he kept talking about how he wanted to marry me, and even asked me if we were dating now, since he had tried to kiss me. I told him no and got out of there as fast as I could.”

    -Tenley, From Colorado

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