Embrace Your Natural Flirt

Embrace Your Natural Flirt

Flirting is not as hard as the world makes it out to be. Flirting for many people is a natural habit. But for those people who have realized that flirting doesn’t come naturally, there are a few easy steps to follow to become a master at it.

Know the signs when others are flirting.

One of the biggest indicators that a person is flirting is their body language. Body language includes touching one’s hair, physical proximity and physical touch.
Natural flirts use their eyes. Eye contact tells a lot about body language. If a person is a bashful flirt, they probably won’t make as much eye contact.
Breanne Vance, a dietetics major from Springville, said that eye contact is a great way to know if someone is really flirting. “It’s all in the way they look at you,” Vance said.

Master the art of teasing

Teasing is one of the funniest ways to flirt with a person. Being able to make a person laugh is a good way to break the ice and become more comfortable around them.
“I like to joke around and tease,” said Webber. “Teasing is a lot of fun; if I can get a girl to laugh, it means a good thing.”
There is a line when teasing. It is important not to go from flirting to hurting someone’s feelings. When one becomes too personal with teasing is when feelings get hurt.

Learn the different degrees of flirting and how far to go

Kelsey Pollard, a junior majoring in family studies, says that there are two degrees of flirting.
“There is flirting to go past friendship and general flirting that is only for fun,” Pollard said.
It’s important to find the balance between friendly flirting and more serious flirting to avoid sending the wrong message.

Be careful with physical touch

Don’t creep the other person out. Physical touch, when used sparingly, can be a good way to show someone you are interested. Physical touch can be anything from touching their arm to seating close enough to them that legs touch.
“Physical touch is OK when you are making your intentions clear you like someone,” said Scott Webster, an engineering major from Arizona.

Find out what works best

The best way to become a natural flirt is practice. Find out what you are most comfortable doing. Be aware of the comfort level of the person you’re flirting with.
—Hannah Childs

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