Finding Your Summer Bae

As the summer months roll in Provo, peeps seem to dwindle thanks to internships, home visits, and extended vacations. As if that’s not hard enough, you’re in fewer classes with fewer people. How are you supposed to find that summer bae? Look no further than the seven tips below.

Start Playing

There’s always a volleyball game going on at parks or in the quad of your apartment complex. Walk right up and ask to join. If there’s not a game going, start one yourself. Post on the ward Facebook page or your Instagram story saying anyone is invited. Feel free to tease that gorgeous player on the other team. You just might find your smooth serve leads to Saturday night plans.

Run the Town

While campus events may be smaller, community events are thriving. Stay updated on activities around the city, like Provo’s Freedom Festival in July. Grab a roommate and waltz around booths until someone catches your eye. Bonus points if you challenge them to a carnival game. The loser buys the funnel cake!

Enlist Help

Let your friends know you are looking for some summer romance. Plan group dates where everyone has to set someone else up. It might take a couple blind dates to find a match, but think about how many smelly feet Prince Charming dealt with before he found his Cinderella.

Get Out

Find a reason to go places you aren’t normally seen. Go try a new restaurant on Center Street, start buying your produce at a farmer’s market or bring s’mores supplies to the apartment complex firepit. Initiate a marshmallow roasting competition and recruit that dreamboat to help you find roasting sticks.

Kill Time

If you’re already out getting frozen yogurt or making a midnight taco run, why not take a little time to get home? Hang out with your friends around the table just in case your summer bae has the same late night craving. Get the conversation started by inviting them to join your table; keep the conversation going by challenging them to bowling the next weekend.

Swipe Around

Check out dating apps like Mutual, Tinder or Bumble. Find the platform you like best and get the conversations started. Put a fun question in your bio like “Is a burger technically a sandwich?” to serve as an easy conversation starter. When you find someone great, plan an easy date like stopping at the Creamery on Ninth for ice cream. The low stress, low time commitment will give you just enough of a feel to know about a second date.

Pay Attention

You’re already going places that your summer bae might be: you study in the library, go grocery shopping downtown, or do laundry down the hall with the rest of your complex. Instead of scrolling through your phone, look around at who is already there. Strike up a conversation by asking for help finding the peanut butter section (it doesn’t matter if you already know where it is) or wondering where they got their sick shoes.

   -Katie Harris and Sarah Matthews

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