Five Minute Maid Service

Five Minute Maid Service

It’s the night before you bring your love interest back to your apartment for the first time. You survey the pile of dirty dishes, a hole in the love sac and an assortment of food wrappers littered around the common area with panic. There’s no need to fear, however. In a manner of minutes you can transform your space from bachelor pad grunge to responsible male charm with a few quick fixes.

What to clean
The Dishes. The leftover easy mac chilling in the pot on your stove has got to go before she arrives. Make sure to clean any dishes or utensils as well so your counters and sink are clear. This will save you the embarrassment of having to fish your only clean glass, aka your crusty Gatorade bottle, from the back of the cupboard when she asks for a drink.
The Floor. This is especially important in the warmer months when she might not be wearing socks. Getting crushed Cheerios in between her toes or stepping on a sticky spot of tile is not what you want. A quick sweep of the kitchen and vacuum of the carpet won’t take long but will make a big impact to her.

What to hide
Holes/Tears. If your love sac, couch, armchair, etc. has any unsightly tears or rips, drape a blanket over the offending spot to hide the damage. Cheap throws and blankets can be found at local bedding or discount stores. Be sure to choose a darker  color if your apartment is prone to spills.
Clutter. If your roommate’s laundry basket has taken up permanent residence in the living room, ask him if he can keep it in his room for the night. The same applies for gym bags, shoes, random papers and textbooks. Things like this can be shoved in a cabinet or in your room for the evening to give an appearance of cleanliness.

What you can invest in
Scents. Women have very adept noses. Purchasing a candle or an air freshener will disguise any lingering odors you don’t want her to notice. The scent doesn’t need to be feminine or flowery – look for options like mahogany teakwood, sandalwood or seasonal like pumpkin or fresh grass.
Alone Time. If you happen to slip your roommates some cash for the latest dollar movie, you can reserve an empty apartment for a few hours of uninterrupted quality time.

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