Flirting: Champ or Chump

Flirting is an art. Being an accomplished flirt can help jumpstart a relationship, while laying it on too thick can send them running for the hills. This quiz will help you figure out if you’re rocking the flirting game, or if you’re coming on way too strong.

1. What’s the best place to meet someone?
   a. At a party
   b. At the library
   c. At a concert

2. When someone teases you, how do you react?
   a. I tease them back
   b. I blush and look away
   c. I start to giggle incessantly

3. How do you respond when your crush makes a joke?
   a. I laugh and say something sassy back
   b. I don’t even laugh, it wasn’t that funny and they need to know that
   c. I play along and keep the joke going for the rest of the night

4. You’re sitting in church on Sunday when your crush walks in. You see them wave in your direction. You…
   a. Wave and smile back
   b. Check over your shoulder
   c. Immediately change seats to go sit with them

5. How many dates have you been on in the last month?
   a. Too many to count
   b. LOL what’s a date?
   c. I matched with someone on Mutual? It’s going pretty well

6. When you watch a movie with your crush, where do you sit?
   a. On the same couch, but with a little space between us
   b. Wherever there’s an open spot
   c. Right next to them, there’s no point in wasting time

7. When driving in the car with your crush, what song do you put on?
   a. “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon
   b. “Let It Go” by Idina Menzel
   c. “Kiss Me” by Ed Sheeran


Mostly A: Flirting All-Star
You’re a flirting expert. You know just what to say to catch their attention and when to say it. Just remember not to get too out of control, and try to cut back on flirting just for flirting’s sake.

Mostly B: Hit or Miss Flirter
For you, flirting usually just leads to awkward silences. Try not to be so cautious, and always remember to read the mood in the room. If you really want to get what (and who) you want, you need to step it up!

Mostly C: Over the Top
You have a bit of a habit of coming on too strong when you’re interested in someone. While it’s good that you’re open with how you feel, try taking a step back and letting your crush make the next move.

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