How to Break the Ice on a Dating App

If you’re on a dating app, chances are you’ve matched with a really cute person, sent them a message and never received a response. Crafting an interesting and unique opening line can make the difference between hearing digital crickets and scoring a date for Saturday night. Here are some tips you can use to create the perfect ice-breaker.

Find common ground

Whether you’re both from the same state, like the same sports team or prefer the same food, finding common ground is a great way to initially spark a bond between the two of you. Pay attention to details in their profile, and you can probably find something you both have in common.

Example: “Hey, I love that Broncos shirt you’re wearing! That’s my family’s favorite team. Have you been to any of their games recently?”

Create an interesting scenario

This is a great way to illicit a response that is longer than one single word. Create a scenario for them to think about. This opening line can help you get to know their personality without getting deep into the personal questions. Their answer might even spark some ideas for future dates.

Example: “Alright, you’re stuck in a zombie apocalypse and you can only have three celebrities on your team. Who do you pick?”

Ask questions

People love to talk about themselves. Make it clear that you are interested in getting to know them. Don’t ask too many questions, however, as that can make you seem creepy.

Example: “I saw on your bio that you’re a chemical engineering major! Not going to lie, that sounds pretty miserable to me. How did you choose to study that?”

Compliment them

Tell them that their profile looked intriguing or that their bio made you laugh. Try to stay away from comments on their appearance, however, as that can make you sound shallow. You can tell them they look nice once you’ve scored the first date.

Example: “Your bio actually made me laugh out loud right now. Consider that a first for me on here, *insert winking emoji here because you’ve got game* what’s the funniest situation you’ve ever been in? ”

Ask them on a date

Remember that the purpose of the dating app is to find people to ask on dates. Let them know that you are truly interested in getting to know them. Once you’ve got the conversation flowing, don’t wait to ask them out. Do it quickly! Meeting online is great, but don’t let your relationship become purely digital. Get to know them in person, not through text. Remember that some people may feel uncomfortable meeting up in person after meeting online. Offer to pick them up, but don’t be offended if they prefer to meet you somewhere instead.

Example: “So here’s what I’m realizing. You like tacos. I like tacos. AND, I so happen to know a great taco place just around the corner. Would you want to go sometime this week?”

   -Shaye Mullen

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