Keeping Up With Friends

Keeping Up With Friends

You found the girl of your dreams. You start dating and soon find yourself spending all of your time together. Things are going really well until you receive unwelcome news: she doesn’t want to date you anymore.

After the break-up, you go back to your old life, and find out while you were caught up in the relationship, you neglected everyone and no longer have any friends. This happens to many of us. We think we’ve found the one and can survive with just his or her interactions for the rest of our life.  “Don’t get so caught up in your exciting love life that you ignore the needs of people who are there for you,” said Aimee Elder, a sophomore studying statistics. “Schedule time to be with your friends, and really be with them.” The familiar adage, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” refers to more than just monetary investments.

“Oh man, while we love to spend time with each other, (my boyfriend and I) both know that we need our own time with our own friends,” said Ashea Hanna, a junior studying nursing. “We know that it is just as imperative to spend time apart as it is together.” Finding that appropriate balance is easier said than done. The best way is to not make radical changes when you start dating someone. If you and your friends have post-work “Friday Night Fun,” keep that tradition. They are still six other nights in a week that you can spend together. Don’t put your life on hold for someone you may or may not marry. Keep investing in your current friends, just like you’re investing in your new love interest.

— Donovan Baltich

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