Not Interested? What to Do

Not Interested? What to Do

There’s a knock at the door and you don’t need to look through the peephole to know who it is. Everybody has one at some point or another: the adamant admirer whose intentions are sweet but unwanted. Their constant texts, gifts and visits are intended to woo you but leave you creeped out or annoyed. So how do you let him or her know you don’t return the affection without being rude?

Talk About Your Crush
If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, introduce them to your admirer – not in a bragging way but in a friendly, “this person is important to me I want you to me him/her” manner. If your admirer brings up romance or asks about your feelings, mention the guy or girl you’re crushing on to show they occupy your heart.

Be Busy
It’s ok to not answer the door or the text if you don’t want to talk to someone. Limiting your interactions will send a message. Totally ignoring someone can be mean, but if you are genuinely creeped out by someone or feel unsafe, don’t talk to them and don’t let them in your house.

Set boundaries
Show your admirer through your actions that you are not interested in them romantically: refer to him or her as a friend, limit physical affection and don’t flirt (with your eyes, body language or words).

Tell It Like It Is
If he or she isn’t getting the message, sit your admirer down privately and explain that you are not interested and feel uncomfortable with their advances. This can be hard to do, but honesty is the best policy and it’s unfair to string someone along in the name of being nice.

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