On Your Wing

On Your Wing

In aviation, a wingman flies in a support role to the lead pilot. Keeping his/her plane behind the lead pilot provides an extra set of eyes, ears and ordnance to increase the chance of a mission’s success. When navigating the often-difficult airspace of dating, a proverbial wingman can be an invaluable asset in helping you acquire your target.

The Connection
Some wingmen are already tuned to your target’s frequency, whether they’re friends or in the same ward. This connection can help you transition from stranger to comrade in no time.

The Confidence
If your stomach is knotted with nerves, radio your wingman for assistance. They can help develop a flight plan for the evening and give you the confidence to take off.

The spark
If you’re nervous about approaching your target, enlist your wingman to help spark the initial conversation. They can subtly talk you up, ease the pressure and then make a quick departure when you give them the green light.

The Cut-Off
If the conversation is turbulent or your interest stalls, send your wingman the distress signal so they can swoop in and end the interaction.

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