Recovering from embarrassing situations

Recovering from embarrassing situations

You spilled juicy red tomato sauce on your white blouse. You passed gas as you opened the door for her walking into the theater. You shared slobber on a first kiss.

Embarrassing situations happen on dates. Sometimes they’re completely preventable and other times you just can’t help it.

Maddi Dayton, 19, of Evans, Georgia, believes in a simple solution to awkward, potentially scarring events.

“As long as you laugh about it, you’ll be OK,” said Dayton who is studying English education. “Don’t be too hard on yourself.”

Dayton emphasized the importance of understanding that BYU has a different dating culture than others parts of the world. Take each date one at time and focus on having fun.

Whether it’s passing gas or burning dinner, there’s a chance you’ll have an embarrassing moment on your journey to find your special someone. Instead of letting it ruin your time together, go with the flow and laugh it off. Your date will remember how you reacted more than what actually happened.

—Joshua Jamias

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