Seeing Stars

Cassiopeia. Orion. Gemini. Andromeda. Regulus. Sirius. Bellatrix. These are only a few of the many constellations visible in the Western Hemisphere. Consider shaking up the tired standby of dinner and a movie with a romantic and unique stargazing date. They are remarkably easy to pull off, all that is required is a clear sky, a comfortable place to sit and a relatively open area. Pairing it with a light snack or dessert and playing some music to set the mood can enhance time spent together.

When planning the date, review many possible stargazing sites. The ideal location is far from the bright lights and loud noises found in the city, but close enough that precious time isn’t lost driving unnecessarily far. See below for a list of great locations nearby. The location can greatly influence the tone and overall success of the date, so choose carefully.

Before heading out, be sure to check the weather to ensure a cloudless sky, and consider downloading an app to help guide efforts to make sense of the sky. Applications such as Star Chart or SkyView can help identify constellations and other heavenly bodies, and often give additional history and general information.

   -Shaye Mullen

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