Should You Go Back To Your Ex?

Should You Go Back To Your Ex?

Why you want to go back
[toggle title=”You miss them” state=”closed”] Why you shouldn’t
It’s easy when you’re reminiscing to only remember the good times, but there was a reason you broke up. Keeping that in mind will help you look at the person objectively and prevent impulsive, emotional mistake [/toggle]
[toggle title=”It’s not the same with other people ” state=”closed”] Why you shouldn’t
No matter how many people you meet or dates you go on, no one can live up to your ex. Try to stop comparing potential love interests to that one guy or girl; believe you deserve someone who is better for you and open yourself up to find them. [/toggle]
[toggle title=”They’re comfortable ” state=”closed”] Why you shouldn’t
People can change, but if you’ve been burned once (or twice…or three times….), you need to wake up. Words are easy, and while it’s tempting to believe them, but if his or her actions don’t match their talk, you need to walk. [/toggle]
[toggle title=”They say they’ve changed ” state=”closed”] Why you shouldn’t
Nobody likes the awkward get-to-know-you conversations and tiptoeing of a new relationship. Your ex is comfortable; they know you and you have a routine. Just remember that it wasn’t always like that. If you put in effort and have patience, you can establish that kind of comfort with someone you like even more. [/toggle]

How To Break It Off

If you’re “friends”: Most people tend to use the fade out method, but that’s not the best way to end things. Even if it’s just a text, let the other person know you’re done and want to keep things strictly platonic.
If you’ve been on three or less dates: This situation doesn’t need an official ending, but if he or she is asking why you haven’t gone out again, give them a call and explain you had fun but don’t see it going anywhere.

If you’re official: The conversation must be private and in person (unless you’re long distance; then try to Skype or video chat if you can). Keep it brief and do it as soon as you know things aren’t working out, though do try to avoid breakups right before major events and holidays.

If you’re serious: Again, must be private and in person. Explain why you’re ending the relationship in a sensitive but firm way. It might be wise to give them a heads up by saying you need to talk later so they have time to prepare before you launch into the breakup.
Ultimately, there’s a reason it didn’t work in the first place. It can be hard to let go of an ex, but if they’re still in your arms, there won’t be a place for someone new. Some bridges need to be burned.

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