Smell Delicious

Smell Delicious

Perfumes, colognes, eau de toilettes and many other names cover the scents that men and women spray on their bodies to smell good and appeal to the opposite sex. Darlene Jensen, a 20-year veteran in the fragrance industry, has many tips about fragrances. Jensen uses four criteria that should be considered when choosing a fragrance: season, climate, occupation and occasion.

SeasonDuring fall and winter fragrances are warm, spicy and often have chocolate as an ingredient. For spring and summer, scents are light, fresh and citrusy.

ClimateA rainy day may make you feel colder than usual, so wearing richer body fragrances may be what you wear to “warm up.”

OccupationIf you were to work in a healthcare setting you would want to wear clean and fresh scents, to maintain a professional appearance.

OccasionDifferent occasions change how you may dress and dress changes what fragrances you would wear. For a night out you may want to wear warmer fragrances. But season and climate most often should be taken into account with occasion.

Scents She Likes on You

Many men assume women prefer woodsy, musky scents, but that’s not necessarily true. There aren’t specific scents men and women like on each other. Jensen says a person’s mood can change how a fragrance smells, so depending on your personality, the scent may alter to fit you. Because of this, a scent she may like in the bottle may smell completely different on your skin. Try sample size colognes and let her smell them on you before making a purchase.

Scents that Go Well with You

Your body chemistry should be considered as well. Fragrances may also smell differently from one person to another. To ensure you purchase a scent that suits you, spray a sample on your forearm then let it sit for a few minutes – move away from the fragrance counter then smell it. This will give the scent long enough to settle and you won’t be bombarded by the other options.

Where to Apply Fragrance

Pulse points are the most important places to apply fragrances because they emanate heat. Some pulse points are on your neck, wrists and even the back of the knee. “Never spray it in the air and let it just fall on you,” Jensen said. “That’s just expensive room freshener.” Fragrances should not be rubbed because the movement changes their components. Jensen suggests letting your body “marinate” in your fragrance before putting on clothes to avoid staining them. Fragrances do not last, as long in higher, dryer climates, so in climates like Provo you may need to reapply more often. If an individual has oily skin or lives in a more humid
climate their fragrances will last longer. — Britania Busath

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