The Art of Humor

The Art of Humor

Humor breaks barriers in social settings. People have courage if they can use laughter to address a situation or problem. Humor also allows individuals to get to know each other and connect on a higher level.

“Flirting with humor is a two-way street,” said James Hodgson, a sophomore majoring in political science. “It allows people to connect on the same page.” Establishing a connection through laughter sends a message that you are friendly. If you feel a little shaky on the art of humor, don’t let that deter you from having fun.

Be careful of is using too much self-deprecating humor. It’s unattractive and comes off like you are not confident in yourself.  Instead, use humor that is witty and uplifting. It allows you to break the ice and get a good laugh, but not at your own or someone else’s expense.

If you think you are bad with humor, this could be because you haven’t been talking to the right people. “Humor is subjective, you have to find the right person that has the same humor,” Hodgson said.So whether your humor involves knee slappers, dry humor or witty humor, it is all good humor when you find the right person to share it with.

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