The Checklist for Your Best You

The Checklist for Your Best You

Both Genders

Clean Mouth
Brush and floss your teeth before leaving your apartment. If you have chapped lips, get in the habit of applying lip balm to relieve your skin.
Fresh Breath
Keep breath mints or gum on hand to ward off bad breath. Also, if your date offers you either option, take it. No exceptions.


Smooth Legs
While shaving should be a regular personal practice, be sure to take care of your legs before going out. Use shaving cream for a smoother finish than soap and then hydrate after your shower with lotion or body butter.
Smart Clothes and Shoes
Hopefully he informed you of his plans for the date so you have an idea of what to wear. If you’re in the dark, either ask him for clarification or opt for a neutral look like jeans, a nice shirt and cute flats. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re over-or-under-dressed or have the wrong shoes for a date, so plan a look that fits the occasion.
Blended Scents
Most beauty products have a distinct scent. Be aware of the different smells you wear to avoid smelling like a chemical concoction. When shopping, purchase products that fall into a similar scent family (like citrus, floral, etc.) for easy blending: see page 15 for more details.


Subtle Cologne
Only someone who is close to you should be able to catch a whiff of your cologne, not a stranger ten feet away. A little goes a long way, and she’ll appreciate the effort. For more about scents, see page 15.
Date Attire
While your style is your own, show your date that you took time to look nice for your time together. For example, baggy shorts and athletic shoes are generally not an appropriate choice unless you are playing basketball or at the gym. See pages 58 and 59 to learn how to painlessly distinguish your look on a date from an everyday outfit.
Thoughtful Facial Hair
Some men look better clean-shaven, while others can rock stubble. Decide what look you’re going for and then put it together. If you’re shaving, take time to get close and moisturize your face afterwards. If you’re embracing your stubble, trim up any areas that look unkempt.

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