Weekday Dating

Weekday Dating

Busy students can make time for dating during the week. Weekday dates don’t have to be long, extravagant or expensive. In fact, weekday dates are exactly the opposite: casual, short and cheap.

“Dates are longer and more formal on the weekend,” said Annie Mckell, an exercise science major from Riverside, California. “But they are shorter and more casual on weekdays. It seems to take off the pressure when it’s during the week.”

Shorter, more casual dates allow you to interact in a different setting than the traditional weekend date.

Sophie Hansen, an art history major from Boise, said, “You get to see a more realistic side of the person during a weekday date. On the weekend, people put on their date faces.”

Weekday dates can include routine activities, such as lunch at the Cougareat or studying at the library. Other examples of weekday dates include going for a walk, grabbing lunch together or doing a short activity, like bowling in the Wilk. These dates allow you to see the person in day-to-day circumstances, rather than just on a formal date.

“Weekday dates are good because places aren’t as crowded and the prices aren’t as high,” said Murphy Campbell, a business major from Tampa, Florida.

Happy hours, weekday specials and other deals are available throughout the week. Dates during the week are also cheaper because they generally involve fewer activities.

Another benefit of weekday dating is not having to endure the seven day gap between Friday night dates. Weekday dates allow you to get to know someone faster.

Lucia Blasko, an English teaching major from Ellicott, Maryland, said, “If it’s a weekday date, and you like the person, then you don’t have to wait as long to see them again.”

Some people struggle to find time for weekday dating. Students who fall into this category should consider scheduling activities that are already a part of their daily routines. Eating, studying and exercising make great dates.

Dates during the week also give students a chance to relax.

Madeline Hansen, a journalism major from Boise said, “Weekday dates are good because it’s nice to have a break.”

More weekday dates means less stress from school, more money in your wallet and a higher quality dating life.

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