What Guys and Girls Look For

What GIRLS Look For

“Just that they’re a good person when they’re in front of you, and when they’re not. They’re genuine and authentic with people. They have a quirky sense of humor and can make me laugh.”
                    — Megan, a senior studying biostatistics, from Kayesville

Someone I can talk to. We don’t necessarily have to be completely on the same wavelength, because that would get boring, but someone who respects me, and I can respect, and we can talk openly about everything.
                    — Emma, a sophomore studying urban planning, from the military community in Germany

“They need to be a good communicator. We need to be able to communicate openly and honestly. They also need to be loyal – I need to know that he’s going to do what he says he’s going to do, even if I’m not there. Being a hard worker is also super important.”
                    — Melissa, a senior studying dietetics, from Cardston, Alberta, Canada

“They should always put God first, in all decision making. That really helps me see his mindset and where his goals are. They should respect women and treat their mother super well. They should be honest, and open and vocal about what they’re feeling and how they think things are going between us.”
                    — Marianne, a junior studying clinical social work,, from Pennsylvania

“Someone who is personable and honest and can communicate what they’re feeling or what they want. Also, they’ve got to be fun.”
                    — Madi, a junior studying health science, from South Carolina

What GUYS Look For

“There’s got to be physical attraction, but that’s not the main thing. Personality and a good attitude, she’s got to be positive and naturally happy, that’s number one. Number two is that they treat everyone kindly, whether they know them or not.”
                    — Matt, a junior studying marketing, from Provo

“Someone with a good personality, who I can just click with. They’ve got to be easy going and low maintenance, pretty independent too. I love when girls have drive and want to accomplish things.”
                    — Liam, a sophomore studying information systems, from Provo

“The most important thing is that they have a similar sense of humor, and that you can easily talk and laugh with them. Sharing similar interests helps too, so you can do things together and both enjoy it. I love a girl who is adventurous and willing to try new things.
                    — Peter, a freshman studying pre-communications, from Maryland

“Someone with similar interests, so we can do fun activities together. I also like a sense of humor, someone who can laugh at the same TV shows I laugh at and who understands the same things I find funny.”
                    — Porter, a sophomore studying finance, from Kansas

“They have to be worthy, athletic, and someone I can have a good time with.”
                    — Storm, a sophomore, from Long Beach, California

Spirituality is a big one, they also need to be adventurous and just a happy, good, positive person.”
                    — Cole, a freshman studying computer science, from Gilbert, Arizona

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