What He Doesn’t Notice

What He Doesn’t Notice

Women go to so much more trouble and spend so much more time getting ready for the day than men do, and most men don’t even notice. Case in point: hair. When guys talk about what they’re most attracted to in women, they don’t say, “Oh my gosh! I just love it when their hair is really shiny!” But guys miss more than that! Here are some other things that men and women around campus identified as things guys just don’t notice:

I don’t ever notice whether or not my girlfriend is wearing that eyelash makeup stuff.

Andrew Manwaring, Seattle, Wash. (Yes, he was referring to mascara.) 

I have to admit: most recently, when my wife dyed her hair the exact same color as it already was, I didn’t notice. Sue me — she lasted a few hours before she finally burst, and told me she had colored it.

Scott Libutti, Provo 

They can’t always tell whether or not I’m wearing makeup. I had one guy tell me that I looked the same as I did on a normal day, even though we had just played ultimate Frisbee in the mud.

Lauren Ehlen, Los Angeles (Just to be clear, not all guys are that dense.) 

Guys don’t tend to notice when girls don’t like each other, or when there is tension between girls in the room.

Lauren Ehlen 

Boys don’t notice when we drive well, they only notice when we are bad.

Jenessa Cherry, Provo 

They also don’t notice when their apartments stink, and they bring us over anyway.

Jenessa Cherry 

And sometimes, they just don’t notice when we’re there.

Jenessa Cherry 

I don’t notice eyebrows, and if they are large, small, thin etc.

Jacob Shuss, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Guys don’t notice when a girl is interested in them.

Cassandra Freeman, Saint Charles, Mo.

Men don’t notice when women are trying to make moves or hit on them. For example, a girl tells a guy, ‘Hey you’re cute we should hang out sometime.’ Then five seconds of silence go by when the guy says, ‘Hey you’re adorable we should go out sometime.’ Like did you not notice I said the exact same thing? Psh, men.

Peyton Cram, Orem

Girls seem to always notice when other girls have split ends. Guys wouldn’t see a split end even if you tried to show them!

Justin Calvert, Parker, Colorado 

I don’t notice when there’s a chance to get out of the friend-zone.

Mckay Jones, Sandy 

Guys don’t notice how much work, thought and effort girls put into their appearance. That is, until they get married.

Aldina Rosdahl, Austin, Texas 

Guys don’t notice how much effort girls put in to look good for them.

Kelson Wheeler, Dayton, Ohio 

I don’t notice when girls have split ends in their hair.

Steve Clarke, American Fork

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