Why Did It Go Well?

First, and even second dates can be overwhelming and frustrating as you and your date attempt to figure out not only how you feel about the date but also how the other person is responding. While there are obvious factors, such as physical attraction, having a “good time” and finding shared interests and values, there are other tells that can indicate a date is going well.


Although you might not know each other very well or at all, you find it easy to relax around your date and be yourself. The nervousness and anxiety you felt before leaving on the date melts away. You become more willing to share who you really are and what is important to you. Your body language opens up, and you find yourself moving closer to your date, laughing easily and making eye contact.

Easy Conversation

There might have been moments of awkward, stilted conversation and nervous smiles at the beginning of the date, but you quickly relax around each other. You find you haven’t been able to finish your meal because you’ve been so busy talking and laughing. You have interests in common, a similar outlook on life or a shared curiosity about the world around you. Time just flies by when you’re together. You quickly find an easy conversational style and the sense that you can talk about almost anything.

Desire to Continue

Even though you have homework waiting or need to wake up early the next morning, you both find yourselves wanting to stretch the date out to spend more time together. Be cautious, however, to make sure this is felt by both parties, before stretching a two-hour date into a day-long adventure. You find yourself talking about things you could do together on future dates, and the other person responds positively and animatedly.

General Feeling of Optimism

After ending the date, you are eager to see the other person again and to get to know them better. Your plans for a second date are almost set, and it is obvious you’re both looking forward to spending more time together and seeing where this could go.

    -Shaye Mullen

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